Requirements for a remote notarization:

  • You MUST be a US citizen
  •  have a valid ID,
  • have a valid social security number,
  • have 5-10 years of credit history
  • You must have the capability to video on your PC, laptop, or tablet as these are the best devices to use for this process
  • Each signer on your document must have a unique email address in order to make this work.

I can notarize you via video from anywhere in the world.  I must physically be here in Texas to make this legal, but you do not need to be here in Texas.  Amazing, right? 

Process to get notarized digitally:

  • You will be asked to email me all pages of your document(s). 
  • Each signer will be asked to answer 4 out of 5 knowledge-based questions to verify identity(ies).  (You will get two attempts at this.  If you fail both, we cannot proceed. If you pass the 4 out of 5 questions, then we will proceed)
  • Each signer will adopt his/her signature digitally
  • You will sign and I will notarize digitally.
  • Your notarized document(s) will be emailed to you

See below for the Texas legal allowed remote notarization fees. I will do your first document for $30, and will charge you only $20 for each additional notarized document. If you have read the above, meet all the requirements, and are ready to begin the process, send me a text at 713-305-3023 to let me know that you want to get notarized remotely. I am standing by and waiting for your message!

State allowed fees for remote/online notary:

Online notaries may charge up to $25 for each notarization they perform in addition to regular notary charges.  Online notaries are not required to charge for their services, but they are allowed to charge up to $25 plus the regular notary fees authorized by Tex. Gov’t Code §406.024. 

For example:

  1. if an online notary notarizes the signature of one person, the charge will be $31, i.e. $25 + $6 = $31;
  2. if an online notary notarizes the signatures of two persons named in the same notarial certificate, the charge will be $32, i.e. $25 + $6 +$1 = $32;
  3. if an online notary notarizes the signatures of two persons, and there are separate notarial certificates for each signing party, the charge will be $62, i.e. $25 +$6 for the first notarization and $25 +$6 for the second notarization, which totals $62.

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